39 Clues Cahills vs Vespers Roleplay Wiki


I am the co-founder of this wiki, and I am crazy about 39 Clues. I also love eating apples. I am also active on the 39 Clues Wiki.

Me and Books[]

I love 100 Cubpoards books also, and Calvin and Hobbes. I'm a Star Wars geek.

Characters that are Mine[]

  1. Jason Trakar. If you want to speak with him, contact him at Jason Trakar Enterprises Offices or my talk page.
  2. Sam Mason (deceased)
  3. Dragon
  4. Shepherd
  5. Jake Jonson
  6. Will Mason(deceased)
  7. Bob Doyson

Locations that are Mine[]

  1. Jason Trakar Enterprises Offices
  2. Oahu Cahill Resort/Stronghold