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Trevor Smithes was born from a young Ekaterina mother, and a young Ekaterina father in Mt. Auburn hospital, Boston. He inherited the Ekat genius streak from his dad. His mother was always threatened to be thrown out the branch, for she was so clumsy and not smart. The time came when Trevor's mother, Alina Smithes, was thrown out the Ekat branch. She ran away with Trevor, and got recuited by the madrigals. Trevor became a madrigal too. He made friends with Madrigal twins Grace and Sammy Winter, age 10. The threesome became friends. Amy Davies, Madrigal, age 10, joined their growing ring of friendship. His mother did not like Amy Davies, who was accused of being a Lucian. The day came when Grace saw Amy's Ekat ring, and Trevor killed Amy. He deeply regretted what he had done. Until his mother's death in 2013, he'd been on the run from the police. Now he runs the Cambridge River stronghold, under the Charles river. You need a Cahill ID card to enter.


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