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Raine Winters
"If you were me, then I'd be you, and if I were you, then I'd hide somewhere far away." -Artemis Fowl II




Strictly confidential

Date of birth

September 28

Place of birth

Dublin, Ireland


Hugh Winters (father)

Miranda Winters (mother)

Lily Winters (sister)


Madrigal branch

First appearance in

April 19, 2012

Last appearance in


Lorraine "Raine" Winters is one of the Ekat's top operatives and spies, but with partial Madrigal status. Her family, the Winters', is known to have sided with the Madrigals and did not participated in the Clue Hunt. Her rival is Amber Farrell .

Family and Branch[]

Raine's family, the Winters', are one of the most powerful Ekats, though not as famous as the Oh family and the Starling family. Her father, Hugh Winters, is a successful inventor and a scientist along with his wife, Miranda. They produced most of the Ekat's armaments and their strongholds' security systems. Raine's sister, Lily, is also a spy and agent for the Ekats.

The Winters' sided with the Madrigals long before the clue hunt because they think the hunt "will only make the branches fight more and not realize their true enemy". Alhough they are not included in the Hunt, they protected the Ekat clues and strongholds by designing complex and fool-proof security systems. Though they were part Madrigals, the Winters' kept their Madrigal status secret from the other Ekats.

Appearance and personality[]

Raine is known to have long light brown hair and hazel eyes. She is of petite size (standing up of only 5 ft 2 in), two inches below the average female height.

She is friendly towards others, but could get very cold and harsh. Her biggest weakness is her impulsiveness.

Raine is very skilled at mechanical and chemical engineering, stealth and espionage, making her one of the Ekats top agents.

She is very protective of her sister, Lily.


  • Infiltrate the Lucian strongholds
  • Infiltrate the Tomas strongholds
  • Infiltrate the Janus strongholds
  • Infiltrate the Madrigal strongholds ---> Madrigal’s test
  • Hack into the Lucian archives
  • Hack into the Tomas archives
  • Hack into the Janus archives
  • Infiltrate a Vesper stronghold ---> Acropolis, Greece
  • Infiltrate ALL Vesper strongholds
  • Kill the Vesper Scientist (especially THIS one)

Owner - Raine Winters[]

Lorraine "Raine" Winters

This character is owned by SapphireCahartez.