39 Clues Cahills vs Vespers Roleplay Wiki

Welcome to Oahu! We hope you have enjoyed your flight or boat ride here. For us Cahills, this is our next stronghold. Come to the beautiful lodge, doesn't it look like any normal resort? But press a button and it turns into a high tech base. What will you do? You have to have a special Cahill ID card to enter. Just create a character, and come anywhere and roleplay. Just say what your character says or does, and sign with the four squigly lines. You can purchase an ID card at the Cahill Shop.


Sam Mason's body is brought in. The Cahills vow to get their revenge. -- Secretam

The Cahills Kidnapped Primrose and put her here but they don't know that Nilem12 has put a Tracking Device in her bloodstream.

In 2013 the stronghold was destroyed by Nilem12 when rescuing Pirmrose.