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John "Soap" MacTavish is a sniper and demolitions expert. He is part of Task Force 141 with Captain John Price, Nilem12 and Ghost.

Owner of character[]



Soap gets a call on his cell phone. He picks it up. Its Jason Trakar. "Hey, I heard about that Sam Mason job. Congrats. Whaddya say you and your team come and work at my offices? I will pay you 500 credits a week. I can also tell Vesper 1 about how cool you are. Heh-heh. So what do you say? Give me a call at Jason Trakar Enterprises Offices or Jason Trakar." --Jason Trakar, Secretam.

No thank you.-- Soap, Nilem12

"You mad, bro? You need money to survive. You are a vesper. I am a vesper. Do not worry. I will nit hurt you. Would any of your friends take me up on the offer?" --Jason Trakar, Secretam

Are team works together not for someone else beside Vesper One is part of are team..-- Soap, Nilem12

Fine, but watch your back. --Trakar, Secretam

Will do.-- Soap, Nilem12