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Indira Roxas is a Madrigal agent. Daughter of a Janus-Madrigal and a Lucian-Madrigal. She was trained from youth to know how to spy on the other branches like her parents. After 9 years of training, she was sent to the Janus Branch.

Early Life[]

Indira never questioned her duties. She also excelled in combat, disguise, code breaking and weaponry. She was only a year old when she started training in the Madrigal stronghold and, being a borned Madrigal, she wanted to be a spy. She doesn't like killing but has killed two criminals in the past year. She is part Janus, meaning she is very creative. And also part Lucian, implying that she is stealthy and elusive. Because of her Janus-like characteristics, she was sent to the Janus branch with her mother to spy for information. Her documents were made to make the Janus believe she was one of them. When she gained their trust she was sent by the Janus to the Lucians. She pretended to be the rich girl that Ian fell for but slipped up when she forgot to hide her Janus ring. She was poisoned by Isabel Kabra near Natalie's suit so that she won't be blamed. Ian was the first guy who saw her lying there and gave her the antedote. She woke up in Ian's suit.

Ian told her he won't harm her and that he knew she was a spy. But he said he'd let her go as a "thank you" for the dinner. She called her dad who was a Lucian-Madrigal and he helped her go back to venice.

Second Mission[]

When the Janus found out that the Lucians discovered that she was a spy, they were mad. After recieving many disturbing threats from Cora Wizard about her wanting to be the Janus Leader, she was rescued by the Madrigals, who faked her death and changed her name into Xena Cahill. Ever since then, she spied on the Ekaterina branch but attracted to much attention when she was collecting clues at a very fast pace and was threatened byBae Oh. So the Madrigals stepped in and rescued her again giving on that she went missing in South Africa. The Madrigals always rescue her because she is a protegee considering three Cahill bloodlines are connected to her. ( Grandparents on Father's side- Lucian and Madrigal. Grandparents on Mother's side: Janus and Madrigal)

Janus Card[]


This is her agent card for the Janus . Her Madrigal Agent card is confidetially unavalable.

Ekaterina Card[]


This is her Ekat card.