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In this article, you will learn how to roleplay.

Step 1

First, create a character(s). On their page, tell about them, i.e appearance, branch, etc. Also: no one except the admins can give the positions of the Vesper Council of Six.

Step 2

Go to a page, or create one, and skip a line from the last edit, write what your character says or does, and sign it not with your normal signature, but with the name of the character that performed that action, then your username. On your prifile, write which characters are yours. Also: no one except the admins can use characters from the books, and even thy will be used seldom.

Step 3

You can create any page you like, so long as it relates to Cahills vs Vespers rolplaying.

Step 4

Have fun!


If your character is killed, an admin will investigate it, and if it is a legal kill you will have to make another character.