Germany is a World biggest Superpowers. Many call it the Fourth Reich. This is the first time that the Vespers are in the open. The Dictator(or Führer) of Germany is Nilem12 (A.K.A Vesper One). Nobody except the Cahills know that the Vespers are behind this, and they aren't about to tell anyone.


  • Sam Mason walks into crowded Berlin. He just got out of his private jet. He is trying to find the Vesper Stronghold. Sighing, he says, "I guess I will just move to Germany. This is going to be one long mission.". He decides that first he should get a job. He turns into the door of a small cafe, named Justin's Cafe. The Cafe was empty. There was a button saying Press for server. When he press the button Soap came in and shot Sam Mason. He send his body to the Cahill base as a Warning saying "Do not come back". -Sam Mason, aka user Secretam.
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