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Gathering the Clans

An Unofficial 39 Clues Novel

Cassandra Day


Hollywood. Alcratz. Area 51. Fort Knox. Manhattan. Attleboro. Charlottesville. Bermuda Triangle. Mariana Trench. The United States Clue locations. Janus, Tomas, Lucian, Lucian, Madrigal, Madrigal, Janus, Ekaterina, Tomas. Nine Clues I desprately needed.

The Tomas and Janus ones would be simple enough. Lucian though……………..difficult. Having to break into Area 51 and Fort Knox, two of the USA’s most guarded government bases ever, were not good ideas. Neither was trying to get Madrigal ones.

A shudder raced down my body at the thought. Lucians were terrible, but they were nothing compared to Madrigals………………….

Two years later, after the Clue hunt…….

I gritted my teeth when I hear the ring. It was unavoidable. If I didn’t answer this one, they’d soon send another. And another. Again and again until I responded. There was no point in waiting.

“Call from Cahill Command Center, Sinead Starling, to , HorseDelighted2. Accept, deny, or ignore?” a robotic voice said.

My throat was dry, so I swallowed. “Accept.”

A beep came in response. An image flickered onto the screen. A redheaded girl teenager with her hands clasped and leaning back in a chair.

“Hello, Cassandra Jade Cahill Day. Also Alyssa Prince, Lorean Macallin, Kristy London, and many more aliases,” she said.

I glared at her. “How’d you find me so fast? Most of my information is classified.”

She shrugged. “Wasn’t that hard to look up a genius author that’s a Tomas on the Message Board.”

I continued to glare and muttered, “Ekats and their inventions.”

“You know what I’m going to ask, don’t you?”

I nodded.

“Then your first assignment is to go to the LA stronghold. You have high security clearance, thanks to the fact of your mother. Keep acting as if you aren’t Tomas. Then go to Alcratz and do the same. I suspect you’ll have the most trouble there, despite your ranking. You Tomas are the stubbornest of the Cahills.”

Half Janus. And it’s true. Tomas put the first man on the moon, not you Ekats,” I replied.

“I’m sending all the information you need to know now. Check your fax machine.”