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Brady Cahill is an Ekaterina/Madrigal agent.

Brady Cahill
Branch: Ekaterina/Madrigal/Tomas/Lucian/Janus/Vesper
Age: Top Secret!
Relationships: Robert Cahill, Karen Cahill
First Appears In: The Maze of Bones
Last Appears In: The Vesper Infiltration Team Book 4: The Dead of Night

The Maze of Bones[]

He was present at Grace Cahill's funeral and was present at her will reading. He accepted the challenge and followed Amy Cahill and Dan Cahill on their search for the first clue. He found the first clue but did not inform Bae Oh of this. He then left for Attleboro.

Mission 0: Agent Training[]

Once in Attleboro, he had a conversation with William McIntyre who told him to fear the Madrigals. He completed 5 challenges in the Bermuda Triangle and found the clue Uranium.

Card Combo 1: The Founding Fathers[]

Card Combo 2: Cahill Collision[]

One False Note[]

Into the Gauntlet[]

He made it through the gauntlet and found the Serum Formula clue and wrote it down.

End Game[]

He completed all the challenges and became a Madrigal ( he had Madrigal blood in him anyway).

The Acropolis Raid[]

He was sprayed with knockout gas by Vesper Agent Z.

The Medusa Plot[]

The Marco Polo Heist[]

He found the Armillary Sphere that Vesper One was looking for and sent it to Vesper One.

A King's Ransom[]

The Dead of Night[]


He sent a text message to Margaret Peterson Haddix with some info about the Vespers.