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Bella Cahill
Branch: Janus
Age: 13
Relationships: Elliot, Mum (Katherine), Dad (Stephen),Ellianna, and James
First Appears In: 10 August 1999
Last Appears In: I'm not dead yet.

Bella Cahill is a 13 year old Janus agent with 3 younger siblings. She lives in her house in London with her mum, dad, two younger brothers (Elliot and James who are 9), and her littlest sister who is now 4, Ellianna. She has bright red hair that is naturally curly, but usually straightened, and electric blue eyes.


Cato was a contestant from District 2. He was Bella's boyfriend and best friend. Bella was shocked to hear of his death and vowed revenge on Katniss andNilem12 .


Bella Cahill is a Janus. Her parents are very successful agents. Her father (Stephen) is behind Cora for the Janus leadership.