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Amy Cahill
Branch: Madrigal
Age: 16
Relationships: The Trent Family, The Cahill Family
First Appears In:

"Not revenge. Justice. And not just for us and our parents, but for the whole world."

Amy Hope Cahill is one of the two main characters in The 39 Clues, along with her younger brother Dan. She and her brother form Team Seven in the clue hunt. She is from Boston, and her skill is her knowledge, which resembles a "walking encyclopedia." Amy Cahill calls her brother a dweeb.


Amy Cahill was born to Hope Cahill and Arthur Trent. When she was seven years old, her mother died in a fire caused by Isabel Kabra. Amy and her brother Dan were soon placed in the care of their great-aunt Beatrice Cahill. They would often visit their grandmother Grace Cahill, on the weekends.