Amber Farrell
"World domination. You make it sound so unattainable." -Opal Koboi




Strictly confidential

Date of birth

August 21

Place of birth

Devon, England


Andre Farrell (brother)



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April 26, 2012

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Amber Farrell is one of the Vespers' top agents outside the Council of Six and one of the few female Vesper agents. Her rival is Raine Winters.

Family and the VespersEdit

Not much is known about Amber's family. Her brother, Andre, studies at Oxford. He is also a Vesper.

Appearance and personalityEdit

Amber is known to have short red hair and amber eyes. She is slightly taller than Raine.

She is known to have a cold and manipulative attitude, but keeps a calm and collected personality during missions. Her biggest weakness is her pride.

Story Edit

Exeter Cathedral

Devon, Southwest England

Amber was waiting for her brother inside the cathedral. She sighed. Her brother was twenty-eight minutes late. Vesper One instructed her to bring her brother, Andre in the meeting place, which is, the cathedral.

She scowled when she saw her brother coming to her. "You're late. For the fifth time in our VSP meetings.And don't even try to put on your innocent face, Andre. You look horrible."

Andre made a face. "Hey, I had to submit my Statistics project. And I --"

"Enough of your stupid explanations. V-1 wants to talk to us."

Her brother looked around. "Where? Here?"

Amber's scowl deepened. "Not here, silly. I spotted possible Cahill agents around here. Do you want to arouse suspicions?"

He shook his head. "Nope."

She sighed. "Huh. Fine. V-1 said he'll send a message as soon --"

Amber's phone set of a faint buzz. It is a secure phone, available only to Vesper agents. She picked it up from her bag. The message read:

Nice job for reprimanding your brother, AF.

Meet me with your brother at Babbacombe Theatre on Torquay.

And I hope that you'll not be late on the next meeting, Andre.


"AF?" Andre exclaimed. "What a lame alias."

Amber shot him a murderous look. "Shut up! And it's totally none of your business, Andre."

He shrugged. "Yeah, yeah. Sure. I wonder why V-1 told us to be here, then he'll said to meet us in another place."

"Enough complaints. Let's go."

With that, the siblings went away.

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Amber Farrell

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